Sophie Cobb

Sophie Cobb

Sophie Cobb

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”- William Morris.

Sophie Cobb is a Designer Maker.  Her designs have a significant sense of sentimentality that enrich and enhance everyday living. She aims to create commercial products that are believable and could exist in today’s retail market.

‪It is essential for Sophie to create high quality functional products; the making process, as well as her original concept drive her. She enjoys every step of the process and receives much satisfaction from doing so.

Throughout her work, form and surface qualities go hand in hand.

It is apparent, during her final year at Central St Martins that the ‘Quality of Line’ is very influential to her. Whether the line value being in the initial stages of designing, creating movement within the piece or at its point of change.

Sophie Cobb - 'Pick, Mix & Match' Abstract Dishes

Sophie Cobb – ‘Pick, Mix & Match’ Abstract Dishes

Sophie Cobb - 'Pick, Mix & Match' Dishes

Sophie Cobb – ‘Pick, Mix & Match’ Dishes

Sophie Cobb - 'Pick, Mix & Match' Macaron

Sophie Cobb – ‘Pick, Mix & Match’ Macaron

Sophie Cobb - 'Harmonious' Vases with flowers

Sophie Cobb – ‘Harmonious’ Vases with flowers


Do you consider yourself an artist or designer?
At the moment, a designer-maker.

Which artists/designers do you admire?
Studio Glithero and Studio Levine. Studio Glithero create such an amazing range of things, and their love for design shines through in all of them. I really like the transformative nature of their work too.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Walking round London is a great source of inspiration. There’s so much to draw from- exhibitions, galleries, great museums like the V&A, and just the everyday architecture that makes up the city. I find going on walks and taking photos can be very helpful, as well as looking in decoration books and magazines, like Elle Décor, and retail shops- Zara Home is a good one, along with the bigger players like Heals or The Conran Shop.

What has been the best thing about studying at CSM?
Working alongside like-minded people, making great friends, being in the heart of the design capital, having exhibitions on your doorstep; there’s always something to do so it’s easy to get daily inspiration. I also love the fact that the tutors work in the real world as well as passing on their wisdom here. It really is a case of those who can, teach.

Any plans following graduation?
Hopefully get a job in the design world somewhere and importantly, continue being creative.


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