Rafael Atencia

Rafael Atencia

Rafael Atencia

In my work nothing is truly as it seems.

I use my art as a means of communication and one might say for some self-therapy. I would rather that my pieces be observed for symbolical imagery and meaning rather than in pure aesthetic terms.

In the same way that one of the oldest purposes of Art is to tell a story whether religious, fictional or historical – I use my work mainly to tell my own story.  The memories that we accrue during our lives help us to understand better our location in the present.

I want to convey this intangible and invisible duality of time by the use of texture and colours.

www.rafaelatenciadesign.comRafael Atencia - Fish Container

Rafael Atencia - Sea Foam Container

Rafael Atencia

Rafael Atencia

Do you consider yourself an artist or designer?

I call myself both; whether a ceramic work of art, an Apple Iphone or a political campaign, everything is designed. If all this is done with success and move people’s feelings then all these become Art.

Which artists/designers do you admire?

I admire painters which broke the rules of their times, likes Velazquez, Goya, Matisse, Picasso who open new ways of seeing things. In ceramic field I like Peter Voulkos, Gillian Lowndes, Paul Philp, Ken Price. I very much enjoy to push boundaries and experimentation.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration mainly comes from my childhood and my cultural background.

What has been the best thing about studying at CSM?

I really enjoy the challenges put forth by the course work. The tutors really understand that once we are out of the university it will be hard and therefore make us work to be ready for the outside world.

How does your degree show project differ from your other work?

My current work is still in the same line of personal narrative but in a monumental scale. I use bright colors lots of texture with the help of slips and glazes.

Are you involved in the creative world outside of university?

I am always involved in some art fun; I share studio space with 2 ceramics in Clockwork studios in South London.

Any plans following graduation?

I will love to work for a design-studio and developed more work experience.


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