Kako Oya

Kako Oya

Kako Oya

Having totally been fascinated by the unlimited potential of expression within clay and the beautiful colours of glaze, Kako Oya decided to change her subject from Fine art painting to Ceramic design. By utilizing both her painting and modelling skills together, she has been engaged in discovering her own distinctive expression.

Kako’s work is figurative animals with a narrative behind. Her challenge is to use the combination of simply modelled sculpture and fluidity of colourful Maiolica glazes to capture animated nature and to establish it as a strong characteristic of her work.

She wants her work to be a vehicle for communicating some kind of message to encourage emotional attachment to the viewer, providing them with sensuous pleasure and a tactile experience.

Contact details:

E-mail: kakooya@gmail.com

Website: http://kakooyaceramics.wordpress.com

Phone number :+44(0)7733172900

Kako Oya


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