Clara Castner

Clara Castner

Clara Castner

Clara Castner is a designer maker who responds to the tactile quality of ceramics.  Working with simple forms, the interest for her is the desire to touch and feel the ceramic surface.  Using found and made textures, she applies these to her clay surfaces to create surface relief.

Currently she is exploring the interaction of glaze and colour on these raised surfaces.  The use of her own photography is key, both as inspiration and to assist her 
design process.

www.claracastner.comClara Castner - Tea Light Holders

Clara Castner

Do you consider yourself an artist or designer?
I’d say I was more of a designer-maker.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I’m a keen amateur photographer and I like to use my garden photography as a starting point. A flowerbed is just a fantastic starting palette- everything goes with green!

What has been the best thing about studying at CSM?
My peer group. We’re very lucky to have such a diverse, imaginative and driven year; and they’re all lovely, helpful people too.

How does your degree show project differ from your other work?
I like it! It’s a project with the scope to push me technically, and an opportunity to express myself, rather than following a tutor led brief. That freedom will hopefully lead to some interesting outcomes.

Are you involved in the creative world outside of university?
I intern for Sarah, of sjm*, at Cockpit Arts which has been a great opportunity. Internships give you a chance to learn in a totally different way to university- it can be a strong reality check!

Any plans following graduation?
Carry on making!


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