Ann Mercer

Ann Mercer

Ann Mercer

Ann designs objects, functional and decorative, with an austerity of form and a pared down simplicity often accompanied by an exuberant use of colour and pattern.

The forms she creates refer to cities, the urban landscape and redundant industrial buildings, remnants of the past, and layers of history. She is interested in the abstract shapes created both by buildings and the spaces between them, the texture of streets and the patterns of light and shadow.

Using photographs and sketches she records her impressions and ideas, employing throwing, hand building but, mainly slip-casting to produce her designs in ceramic form. She finds that clay provides the perfect material, creating a matt, papery surface beautiful in itself or a base for decorative detail.

The strong, simple geometric shapes she produces are stark and elegant, with repeating elements to add emphasis, or asymmetry to create tension and dissonance, so that there is always an element of the unexpected.

An Mercer

Ann Mercer


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