Alasdair Nelson

Alasdair Nelson

Alasdair Nelson

When I first stepped into the glaze room at Central Saint Martins I realised I’d found a place where I saw great potential. The wonders of glaze and how it transforms in the kiln captured my imagination. Since then I have endeavoured to know more about the huge range of materials available to a ceramicist and how to apply them to ceramic form.

My most recent work grew from my love of these materials as I drew inspiration from geology: the very origin of ceramic materials. Applied inside pinched forms the glaze melts; runs; has a life of its own. The heat of the kiln transforms it. Once cooled the forms are opened to reveal the glaze transfixed in a state of metamorphosis. Nelson - 'Earth Collection'Alasdair Nelson - 'Volcanic Ahthracite'Alasdair Nelson - 'Porcelain Sapphire'Alasdair Nelson - 'Porcelain Sapphire Collection'

Alasdair Nelson

Alasdair Nelson


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